200 Words, Real Fast


Green Witch

he sat under the usual tree wondering if she would come. he wondered why he waited for her everyday. he wondered if he had imagined her. but he didnt move from that tree, for he didnt want to take chances. she might.. just might come.he had lost his way and had been looking for a place to sit down when he had seen her under that very tree. they had barely spoken. they had held hands and looked into the horizon in retrospection. he had been with her for a day. and that one day had changed his life. but she hadnt told him who she was or where she came from. and so, to that very day he sat under the tree-waiting for her.she had worn plain clothes. yet she shone through and through,as if she were a goddess. he didnt know how long he would be there or for how many days he would wait but he did know that he would never forget her. never forget, the mystery she became.

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