the very reason i chose this theme was because there were cute doodles in the border. i love doodling. its another way for me to express myself. and this time no one can read me or figure out what i was going through when i doodled. after some time even i cant make out but thats ok as long as i get a platform to express myself. i just draw random shapes/designs according to my mood. i give it different colours when i feel happy, black when im moody, green when i’m brooding over something, blue when i’m calm. i dont realise i’m doing this but i’ve noticed these things over the years. i had kept a book of my doodles and i used to carry it around everywhere. but then i lost it. 😦 i dont even know where or when i lost it. all i know is the next time i wanted it, it wasnt there. i’ve looked all over for it but its been around 5 months since i saw it. 😦 oh doodling book.. please come back to me. this reminds me of that song- my pony lies over the ocean……
….(i dont remember the lyrics)……. oh bring back, oh brink back, oh bring back my pony to me!!!
god! thats exactly what i feel like singing write now. i’ve been doodling in random books. whichever is in front of me when i feel like doodling. but that book held soo much of me.. that i feel like a part of me is lost.. 😦 i dont feel like making another book, for i feel i will find it. someday..
i just hope that that “someday” comes soon.


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