my first blog!!!

well off late i’ve been having some problems keeping a journal. my friends read my journal so i started keeping notes on my phone. when they found that too i started using ms-word. but my mom could find that anytime. so i’ve been struggling to find a place to write about my feelings and my life and i finally thought why not post it online for the whole wide world to read. you know how they say that if u keep something in the most obvious place people will never look for it there. well i’m hoping that works here. my life is not very complicated or dramatic or happening in any way. i’m an only child. both my parents work. so i have some time to my self everyday before they come home and i use this time to think through my day, my life and things like that. i’m the kind of person who goes deep into myself reaches out to some long lost part of me and brings out different emotions all the time. i think profound thoughts and have a group discussion with myself whenever i’m alone or actually whenever i feel like it. sometimes when i’m around my friends i simply shut them out and think about something. most of them think i’m depressed when i do this but i’m not!!! i’m neither happy nor sad, i’m just in this state of calm thinking or something like that. a lot of people tell me they know me better than i know myself but how can anyone know you better than you know yourself?? those things you keep deep inside your heart or in the back of your mind, which you show to no one but yourself-those are the things that make you who you are. and when no one else knows that-how can they claim to know you???? i would like to ask that to a lot of people right now. but these things never strike me when i’m in a group.they come to me only when i’m alone. i hope i’m not rambling but this is pretty much how i think, how my thought process goes and i dont want to interrupt it just because some one else is going to read it.


3 thoughts on “my first blog!!!

  1. ok!! im hooked… wow!! you are so articulate with your thoughts.. i could never do that… my thoughts are all too cluttered… i never have these phases you do, and now im wondering why now!!

    1. i guess each person thinks differently. you don’t think thw way i do and i can never think the way you do. and these moments come in all our lives, when we can just put our thoughts into free flowing words. you are as good a writer as anyone else and you shouldn’t undermine yourself. also don’t compare our styles of writing- because they are completely different. go back to your first post and read it. i think you will get what i mean 🙂

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