getting drunk!

a small simile here..
having a crush on someone is just like getting drunk. sometimes your desperate to get drunk, sometimes your forced into it and some other times-it just happens. its a marvelous feeling, for your light and floating and you feel nothing can go wrong in the world.geting into a relationship is like doing something while your drunk. it maybe getting a tatoo or making out with someone. you may regret it once your sober or you might be grateful for just getting it over with. most of the time we regret doing something when we were drunk. and in the end comes the best of the lot-the hangover!!!
that is the time when you dont know if you like the person or no. your head hurts, you feel like throwing up etc etc. if you did not drink too much it will go away in a while but if you got in too deep.. your stuck with a headache the whole day long. whereas for the thing you did when you were drunk(a.k.a getting into a relationship) your going to have a hard time undoing it.. which will also lead to several awkward moments because many people must have seen you doing, whatever it is that you did. then there are the alcoholics-i.e., the die-hard romantics.. who get drunk on a regular basis.. they just love getting drunk and often end up doing something stupid. but no matter how much we try to warn them they never listen until they are sober. and then they regret it and vow never to drink again. but of course, they we will be drunk the very next night.. 😛
so cheers to all the people who love getting drunk..!!!!
i am a person who likes getting drunk every once in a while.. thankfully i have never done anything stupid when i was drunk.. in fact i was drunk quite recently, and i am still in the process of sobering up.. 🙂


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