A Character You Love to Hate

a series that i am trying to initiate. i'm not sure what i want to call it yet.. but it will be about a dark and terrifying character. this is just the prologue(sort of)

TDK Wallpaper II

he stood on top of the cliff. and looked down at his handywork. as he watched the sweat drip from the faces of the workers he couldnt stop a smirk from appearing on his face. ah.. the fruits of his hard work, were indeed sweet. he had suffered a lot of pain and to finally reach this stage in his life was gratifying. he saw a lady look up at him and make a face. he could have her shot-but then she was too beautiful to kill.. instead he would enjoy torturing her, making her think he would abuse her seeing such an innocent face scream and cry. they had made him do that. once upon a time, all of these people had been a cause of terror for him. the way they had shunned his mother. the way they would look down at him. she had been one among them. constantly reminding him of what he was. and today, all she could do was make a face at him. she was powerless, and he held all the power in his hands. he loved the terror in their eyes. he loved the fact that they all hesitated to speak to him- they wouldnt even look him in the eye.

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