Brains or Beauty?

would you rather be super intelligent or extremely good looking? why?


i think i would like to be extremely good looking. being an average looking person with a good IQ.. i know what it is like to be called intelligent. but i have almost never been complimented for my looks. so as i am used to being intelligent i sort of feel that i miss out on the good looks part. for a change i would like to be pretty with all eyes on me. so yes. as shallow as it may seem, i would prefer being pretty. because though i am intelligent i am not pretty. but if i am pretty and not intelligent, i will still have some other quality some other talent of which i can be proud of. so i wont miss out on anything huge. atleast thats what i think. but i guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence 🙂

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One thought on “Brains or Beauty?

  1. that is the worst notion you can have about yourself… more often that not, true beauty is hidden. you ask anyone, they will always describe the head-turners as hot, never beautiful, never pretty.. and that is only the scenario today.. as you get older, you will see people compliment people on their beauty , but behind their backs, laugh at their stupidity… do you really want to be someone who is laughed at? in life, believe it or not, people actually judge you on the basis of your accomplishments, your achievements.. today, the only reason for anyone to laugh at you is only because they are insecure.. sit back and think about it, and you can find enough and more reasons for someone not to like you or be jealous of you..!

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