If My Life Was a Movie….

im not exactly sure if i am happy with my 'chocolat' life or i want a more 'ten things i hate about you' life.. sometimes i feel my life is great.. and some other times i feel like there is something missing.. so.. i couldnt find a more appropriate movie thats a cross between the two. because choclat is where this woman enters a new environment where no one likes here and every one thinks she's trouble. but with her charm and tact she proves them wrong and wins them all over.. even the main opponent which only happens in the end. then there is this mysterious stranger who she takes to immediately. because he has this charm which she likes and it just turns her on. they are perferct for each other and somewhere deep down they both know it.

but in ten things i hate about you.. she has this rude outlook to everyone in society and she repels all of them. and she likes it. and she has to put up with this crowd pleaser sister, whom she badly wants to slap but for some reason she still loves(though i dont really have a sister like that- all my friends are like that). and then she finds this guy who is totally wrong for her in the beginning but they soon adapt at which point she discovers something she doesnt like about him-they fight- and then they make their way around all the porblems that they once faced.

so i wish my life was like that. the only thing missing is the wrong guy a.k.a the mr. right šŸ˜›

but there might be someone i just gel along with for some reason. right from day 1. we seemed perfect. though i will never openly admit it i think it MAY be the truth.

so,… again.. i dont know if i am happy(i know i should be happy beyond doubts) or if i want something more…. šŸ™‚

ten things i hate about you

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One thought on “If My Life Was a Movie….

  1. hey! i liked this post. even i think i would love 2 live a ‘chocolat’ life. life would’ve been so charming with the brewing of the chocolate drinks and with all the love in the air. šŸ™‚ but yet i think if i could i would probably opt a Dark knight kinda life. cuz i so badly want some adventure in my life and you know Batman or even better someone as charming as Christian Bale could be the wrong guy a.k.a. the mr right. lol!
    nice blog btw.

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