a girl’s heart..

most of the time, we girls are really naive. we believe things that other people say to us. if they tell us that they love us- we believe it. it they tell us that we are unfit, we believe it. if they tell us that we aren’t good enough- we believe that too.. but if someone tells us that a friend of ours is very shady we do not believe it. if they tell us that a person we love did something wrong, we do not believe that..

why is it that we see all the misfits in ourselves and everything good in another person? we are never ready to believe that a person we adore is wrong. we blindly believe in them, that too just because they show us one minute possibility- that we might be loved. we might be adored. we might be missed. that we just might have something going on between us.

yes. a girl’s heart requires just one thing-love. to elaborate, a girl is content with herself and with another person if she feels loved or at least sees the prospect of being loved. we remain happy with a person as long as we can see light at the end of the tunnel. we remain friends, secretly hoping that the person loves us, or might begin to love us, or in some other cases- that the person will continue to love us. when we find the least bit of opportunity (of being loved) we rush forward and dream of a ‘happily ever after’..

but the problem comes when reality suddenly hits us (and hits hard, mind u ) and we realize that there is no possibility of ending up together with that person. the worst thing a girl can face is that her feelings will never be reciprocated. be it a mother loosing faith in her children loving her.. or a wife knowing that husband found someone else, or a sister knowing her sibling doesnt trust her, or a girl.. knowing that a a guy she likes.. may never ever have feelings for her.. and when this reality hits, a girl just breaks down.. even if it is in between a statistics class..

the prospect of moving on is frightening.. because by then the girl will have entered into a comfort zone. the prospect of the impending loneliness.. is sometimes.. too much..


6 thoughts on “a girl’s heart..

  1. right……..a girls heart requires just love………bt a girl should always keep in mind the ignorance or u may say rejection n make up her mind to face it only thn all these…………..mns being heart broken can b avoided……………….i too know wht lonelliness n love is so can say this ……………….a girl loving someone thinks every moment of him just him n if she gets the love of him or may say yes on her proposal then also she feels that her partner should be with her all the time but she also know that its not possible……………………n life goes on like this…………………in a relationship too………………..

  2. yo right. all a girl wants to do is be loved. she makes herself very fragile, why? because, a daughter is always the apple of her father’s eye, a mother’s best friend and forever the baby of the family. she gets all the care and affection she will ever need. that makes her very vulnerable.

    but you know what? a girl is far more emotionally stable and stronger than a guy. if we want to, we can move on and put it all in the past. we just choose to dwell in the misery. we are so used to having our way around that we cant take that things are no longer that way. a girl, sorry to say. has double standards.

    if a girl breaks up with a guy, she wont blink twice before moving on. but if she gets dumped or rejected, she will wallow till eternity, or till she finds her next victim. a girl always wants her boyfriend in her sight not because of her insecurity that he will find someone else, but because she doesnt want to be the one who is dumped.

    besides, a girl always wants to be in control. i am a girl myself, and shouldnt really be saying this. but we always paint such a rosy picture of what a girl is like, the poor guys deserve a break as well. they aren’t all as mean as they are painted out to be!!

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