The Blogger’s World

The internet is a crazy place. Everyday, there is so much new about the internet that it is sometimes hard to keep up. But no matter how far behind we are, we always manage to follow the various trends that arrive. Over the past years there have been so many things that we all got hooked on; to that today, when we look back, its hard to imagine that we did all of that. As far as I can go, these up-to-the-minute fancies started with the World Wide Web.
There was a time when people actually used to chat in chat rooms like Aol and their lingo consisted of things like WTL(will talk later-they hadn’t heard of brb back then). It’s amazing to see how people’s expectations and ideas change. When the www was introduced in 1990 people went crazy thinking that this was the best they had ever got. Even the hours that it sometimes took to get a connection to the www seemed to be worth it. (And here are we who think 60 seconds is too long a wait. :P) they used search engines like ask Jeeves and hotbot. I still remember my mother would go to Y.M.C.A every Saturday afternoon to chat with her brother and sister both living outside Mangalore. They had two hours a week and the three of them loved it because they could be together even though they were miles away. (Of course today I chat with my cousins all the time… all they have to do is text me and I’ll be online in a matter of minutes… then it’s just a click away to conferencing.)
After the craze over chat rooms and AOL, came the recent obsession with social networking sites. Every year people would rush to a new site- and thus we found hi5, MySpace, orkut and now facebook.Then somewhere in the past year or two everyone seemed to be fascinated with twitter-a micro blogging site.
As most of the people following this trend were celebrities of some sort, it soon became very popular. Which brings us to the present day where the obsession with blogging is slowly seeping in. a few months ago all we did was read certain famous blogs like Aamir Khan’s or BigB’s blogs. But off late I find almost everyone is starting their own blog. People now spend less time on facebook so they can devote more time to their respective blogs. We comment and post on other people’s blogs so that they will come to our’s. it’s the latest technique of networking. People write blogs about almost everything and anything. From food, dance and travel to religion, countries and education. U name it and there will be a blog on it!! Of course there are still many people who are “blog-less” but like I said the trend is only seeping in. Why is it that we all are so hooked on to the internet and its various trends?? It’s almost as if we cannot keep ourselves from going online at least once a day… and the number increases during exam times. If people do not have a computer or net access at home then they will be blogging from their phones. If your just out having coffee with a friend and you suddenly see the person typing away on their phone you know that the person is probably posting something like ‘having a cup of coffee with my friend xx after such a long time ’ or ‘weather is just perfect right now’. There will be bloggers posting stuff at 12 in the night, at 4 in the morning or also at 3 in d afternoon. There are teachers who blog in between classes and moms who blog when their babies are asleep…
So that is what the internet lovers are hooked on to right now… so lets hope we have a lovely time blogging until the craze wears out.


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