a birthday

the day you are born is always treated significantly all through your life. you will hear stories about what happened on that day for the rest of your life. the hilarious (and sometimes not so hilarious) tale of how your mother went into labor, how everyone rushed to the hospital will never be forgotten.

your first birthday will then be among the most significant birthday’s of your life. you will probably have a grand party which at that time you will not require and you will probably spend it crying your eyes out. 😛 but nevertheless it is done because your family members will be very happy that you have completed an entire year. with each successive birthday thereafter, you will get new presents and new experiences to share.

as time flies by, your 13th birthday will come around where you might want to go out and celebrate with just your close friends. but your parents will tag along because they will feel that you are growing up way too fast. but on your 14th birthday you will make it clear to them that you are old enough to do this by yourself. when your 16th birthday rolls out you will want huge parties again but this time parties just for your friends (close ones and not so close ones alike) and parties arranged by you and not your parents. your 20th birthday might not even be funded by your parents.

once you start working, you will start having smaller birthday bashes with just your close friends and/or your work buddies.once you get married, as long as your childless you may have great birthday bashes (small or big) but once the baby comes in, it automatically becomes about the baby. the entire cycle starts again-the baby’s first birthday,the baby’s second birthday and so on. your birthdays will soon fade out and all of a sudden mother’s day or father’s day will be more prominent in your life. there will be times when other people forget your birthday and times when you yourself forget your birthday.

then all of a sudden you will find yourself to be 50 and your children (and grandchildren maybe) will throw you a huge bash which will again resemble your 1st birthday because you will not want it but you wont crib because it might be the only time your entire family comes together.

the birthdays after that will mostly have nothing special about them (unless you live up to your 75th and 90th) and after a casual happy birthday everyone will just get back to their daily lives. your spouse (if they still love you by that time) might try and do something special for you but you will not have the grandeur of your early birthdays.

why am i writing this? if you are young and lively and have a blast on every birthday you will not realize how the older people are mostly alone on their birthdays. they love their birthdays as much as you do and they will really appreciate it if you do something special for them. don’t just make them breakfast or buy them a gift or a card arrange a small birthday party, send them out with their friends or do something of that sort. i’m sure they will appreciate it 🙂


2 thoughts on “a birthday

  1. ohhh ………this is so true n a birthday of someone most close to me is coming up n i jst dont know what should i do for that person which will be very much special can u give any idea

    1. well that depends on who it is.. if its a friend you could organize a party (a surprise maybe) or a small trip somewhere.. if its a girl friend a sleepover would be great.. if its a family member you could decorate the whole house, have a family get together or a get together with old friends.. tell me who it is.. i will be able to be more specific then..

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