44 things to do when you’re bored….

1. exercise
2.watch a movie
3. take a nap
4. engage yourself in a sport
5. write!!
6. post something on your blog
7. try cooking
8.also try painting/sketching/drawing
9. clean your room
10. learn a new language
11. research a new topic
12.listen to new songs
13. look through old photographs
14. make an album/collage out of your old and new photographs
15. write in your journal
16. read your old journals
17.text someone you havent texted in ages
18. take a walk
19. make up your own what do i do when i am bored list
20. dance
21.read a new book
22.go to the local museum
23. study(bad idea.. i know)
24.paint your face
26. re-arrange your wardrobe
27.volunteer for a social cause
28. make your own home movie
29. watch old home movies
30. count all the loose change you have in different bags,pants,wallets etc.
31. read my blog.. 😛 😛
32. play games online
33.take different personality tests online
34. try a new hairstyle
35. learn sewing or knitting
36.learn to make chocolates
37. learn baking
38.read the newspaper
39. solve puzzles
40.make greeting cards

41.make your own calender (new year‘s on its way)

42.go online on a social networking site

43.eat something really unhealthy!!

44.click random photographs

this i all i could think of.. if you have anything else please let me know..


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