secrets are like investments. According to wikipedia “An investment involves the choice by an individual or an organization after some analysis or thought, to place money in an asset that has certain level of risk and provides the possibility of generating returns over a period of time.” Secrets are exactly like that. We choose to invest in certain assets. By this i mean we choose to invest our secrts in certain people. And by investing I mean trust. Based on the number of secrets we tell a particular person and how well they keep it, we can see exactly how trustworthy a person is. We scrutinize our potential investments carefully, look into all the probable risks and then put our money in the best possible option. It is the same with secrets. We contemplate whether or not we should tell certain people about them, whether that person is trustworthy or not, whether it is a risk and whether or not we will get something good out of it. The very fact that we share a certain secret with a person shows trust. It shows us that we are interested in dealing with that particular commodity; i.e we are interested in maintaining close contact with that particular person.

We invest our secrets very carefully, based on which time would be best for us to disclose our secrets and which person would be more beneficial to us, in sorting out certain problems related to the secret. We play our cards carefully so that we do not have to regret the particular investment in future. Also we sometimes invest our secrets in certain people in order to get certain secrets out of them in return(immediately).

And the final result!! sometimes we get a huge bonus or dividend out of the investment. A life long friendship maybe, or perhaps even more!! but of course, many a time it so happens that we invest wrongly or the market crashes and we are left wounded- be it financially(in the case of investments) or emotionally(in the case of secrets). but eventually we do bounce back and we usually don’t stop investing!!!

so be careful and invest wisely.


8 thoughts on “secrets

  1. someone’s turning into the girl with the green scarf!! ironic, isnt it? you are a keeper of maybe a million secrets… but how many of your own secrets do people besides yourself know??

    1. if that was a general statement-its absolutely true..
      if it was meant for me- i barely have secrets..
      and about the girl in the green scarf.. hehe.. that just makes me want to buy a green scarf.. 😀 😀 😛

  2. it was meant for you… and as for secrets… in your case, even the thoughts you have about everything remain to yourself… maybe you tell me everything, maybe you dont…. maybe you tell your closest buddies, maybe you dont… but count on your fingers how many such people are there?

    it isnt a battle about how many people in the world you tell your thoughts to, but when people are genuinely interested, you deprive them of it, just cuz you dont want to deal with it?? is that really fair??

    1. hmm.. i guess not. but its like there are so many thoughts that i have which just freak me out. they are not a part of me and they are things i have never considered and shouldnt consider too. because if i do then everything i stand upon, every detail that i know about myself, will change. for most of the time in the past i have just avoided dealing with such things and strangely its kept me happier. its like i dont visit these doors of opportunity and that ignorance keeps me happy.recently i started dealing with a few things, and now i am in a sort of mental turmoil. i dont discuss such things with myself, and i do not know how to discuss these ideas with someone else.

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