the clock’s ticking..!!

two weeks ago i signed up for postaweek2011- an experiment by the folks at wordpress. it is an initiative to make people blog more regularly. and it is essentially what it is called-all the people who have signed up for this are required to post a minimum of one post every week on their respective blogs. they have a sister project called postaday2011 but i felt that would be too hectic for me. if i can learn to post every week without fail, then i can manage post a day-maybe next year. 🙂

last sunday i said to myself ‘dont write about the first thing that comes into your mind. no. that will be writing for the sake of writing. you have a week, think it through and come up with a kickass piece.’

on tuesday i thought ‘oh what the hell-i still have time. i can do this later this week.’

when friday rolled around i said ‘ i’m free tomorrow- i’ll sit and do it then’

yesterday i told myself ‘i had unexpected plans. things like that happen all the time. i can do it tomorrow because i am too tired today.’

when i woke up today morning i saw the clock. with every second that passed i realized i had less time.

what do we get out of making excuses like this for ourselves all the time?? i created my own blog because i wanted to commit to writing regularly. no one asked me to do it. if i signed up voluntarily, then why am i still lagging behind? if this is out of my own interests why am i not putting in a little effort???

now i am going to sit on my p.c. and write the two pieces that i have been thinking about all week. so if you dont find two more posts today you can sue me!!!!!!


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