1. do nothing. be silent – because silence is golden… :)… or because you don’t know anyone over there 😛

2. smile at every random person.. if necessary shake hands with the person – because there is 94.75% chance that that person knows you because of your mom/dad 😀

3. go congratulate the bride and groom like you have know them forever – do you need a reason?? just do it..your bored anyway 😛

4. while your there wishing make sure that you click a picture with them – come on!! you’ve done so much already.. it won’t hurt if your photo will appear in the wedding album.. 😉

5. make sure your phone’s battery and currency is loaded!! – its always good to text, call or prank friends when you’re bored!! 😀

6. the most important thing in this list..EAT!! – YES!! attack the food..:D..enjoy every bite of as much as you can.. no one bothers abt how much you eat at a wedding 😀 😉

7. play a game – rate the people of the opposite sex out of 10 on basis of thier looks 😛

8. think of it is as your alone time – this could be the only time you get to spend with yourself!!..DREAM!! its the perfect time 🙂

9. write random stuff – like this post…yeah!!..i wrote this at a random wedding 😀

10. sit with your dad/moms childhood “gang”mates..:P – its always fun to hear about how and what your parents did as a child 🙂 😀

the best thing i cud ask you to do abt a random wedding is NOT TO ATTEND THE WEDDING!! thats the best 😛 your are free of all tensions 😉



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