help!! orange or apple???

see, in the beginning, i wasn’t exactly sure whether i wanted apples or oranges. oranges looked tempting, but i wasn’t sure if they were juicy enough on the inside. but apples on the other hand, looked a bit plain and red but i knew for sure that they were very juicy. so after giving it a lot of thought, i decided to go with the apple. for two years now i have constantly been preparing myself to eat the apple and just when i was about to get into the apple world, i began thinking about the orange. i looked back and saw that the door to the orange world was still open. i also saw that tempting orange which had made me want to get into the orange world. all of a sudden i began wondering whether i had made the right decision. i still knew that there was a huge possibility that the orange may not be juicy, but for so long now, my world had been so full of red that a little orange looked delightful. i started thinking about the delicious taste of the orange which i could have had. then i thought about the apple, and i knew that i would enjoy that taste too. but i wondered if i would miss the orange if i began eating the apple and if i would regret not eating the apple if the orange proved to be unsatisfactory.

some people say that i am an orange person and others say that i am an apple person. i think i am a bit of both. but recently, i have been yearning for the orange. but there is no guarantee that i will want the apple in sometime. its not really possible to eat both, but i can get a slight whiff of the orange in the apple world.

my head wants the apple and my heart wants the orange.

what should i do?

stick with the safe apple and a whiff of orange or the whole risky and tempting orange????


3 thoughts on “help!! orange or apple???

    1. hey.. you’re the one with the awesome photos.. 🙂
      and i want to take the riskier path.. but i’m just scared.. 😦
      i have some more time.. lets just hope i do the right thing..
      (whatever that is)

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