what am i about?

from the time i have had this blog, i kept changing something about it. like initially i kept changing the theme. then my headers and backgrounds changed. then i tried to experiment with my tagline. now i am obsessed with my ‘about’ page. i have been visiting a lot of blogs lately and their about columns are simple, yet interesting and informative. i am tired of the same old stuff that i keep writing about me. i want to change it. i want to make it better.
but when i think about it.. what about me is worth telling the world????
i have been wondering for the past one hour or so who i really am. what i stand for, what i want to do and the main question.
what is my focus in life???
forget that. i don’t even know what the focus of this blog is!
i was reading learn.wordpress (http://learn.wordpress.com/get-focused/) and daily post (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/).both tell us that every time we need inspiration we should remember why we started this blog in the first place. to be frank i started this blog because i had nothing better to do.
but yet, that chance entry into this world of blogging has changed me. but that does not help the fact that i still don’t know what my focus is.
there are so many things that i still have to learn at wordpress and so many things i want to share.
i want people to read my blog, to comment and criticize it and in this process, help me grow as a writer.
so what the hell am i about?? how do i write a better and more creative ‘about’ page which i will be satisfied with????


2 thoughts on “what am i about?

  1. Hi! First of all, congratulations for taking the initiative to start a blog in the first place. That’s says a lot about your creativity and energy.

    You now have the framework established. So, my suggestion moving forward is to really find a singular mission for the blog–one topic or aspect of life that you want to focus on and write about. (Mine, for example, captures all of the elements of a publishing journey, which is still ongoing since I haven’t accomplished my mission yet. You can read about the mission and why I started my blog at: http://cherilaser.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/hello-world/.)

    Once you have settled on a specific mission/purpose for your blog, the “About” stuff and all the rest will flow very easily.

    Note: If you have more than one topic or aspect of life that you want to talk about, you can have separate blogs for each one. But the clearer you can make each blog’s mission, the easier you’ll find the writing and the process of engaging readers who want to talk and share about the same topic/aspect of life.

    Good luck, and I’ll look forward to staying in touch. All the best. –Cheri

    1. i read your blog and my interests seem similar to yours. i want to be a writer someday. in fact i have just started writing a book. it barely been a month since i started and its going to take forever to complete it. but i am loving every bit of it!! so i am interested in becoming a published author. but i am also interested in movies, traveling, photography and interior designing. so i do not know if i should take your advice and create a separate blog for each of these things because i do not have enough material to work on each of them. but since i do have at least my interests figured out, i guess i’ll get somewhere 🙂 🙂
      anyway, thanks for the help and i hope your book goes well !!

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