pages from my past

omg!! i just found one of my old diaries and here are the things that i found in there.
they may be cheesy (very VERY cheesy) but somewhere, somehow in the words of a 14 year old i have described things that i still feel.. šŸ™‚
WARNING: do not laugh at this. yu will be hurting 14 year old me by doing that. remember those were my very frist experiments with writing and i was still a bit loose and unorganized.


why do people wear masksĀ and conceal their true faces?

why do they all bask in the gloryĀ of hurting someone?

they act like very good friends

but they stab you in the back later.

breaking heartsĀ isĀ now among the latest trends.

we often see teardropsĀ falling from eyes.

misunderstandingsĀ are common,

they rip people apart!

close friendsĀ trust each other no more

oh! i hate this to the core.

i wish people would be their true selves,

then friendship would bloom way better in this world!

i hope to see smiles on faces,

of enemity let there be no more traces!!


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