going out with a bang!! :)

my p.u. college farewell happened yesterday, and all through the two years that we have been there, my friends and me wanted to do something different. anything, which was memorable and we could remember and laugh at it when we were 50 years old. we finally found that moment yesterday!!! though it isn’t something i would laugh at, it is definitely something that made me feel proud of myself!!

we were all given ice-creams after the formal program and then we went out for lunch. we had to come back to college and wait for a few friends. as they happened to be late, we waited for them in the parking lot. the college was almost empty by then and as we were talking we realized that the campus was really dirty because of the empty ice cream cups. since none of us had had any ice-cream we started complaining about how inconsiderate the other people were and how they had absolutely no civic sense which they proved by strewing the cups all over.ย  then i realized that thats all we ever do. we complain, but ย never do anything. so then in the spur of a moment, we got up and started picking up the cups. it was a tedious task, but we managed to clear more than 3/4 of the cups before the attenders came and begged us to go away ๐Ÿ™‚ they had never seen any students do their work, and they didnt know how to react!! after giving us a watery smile and a thank you, they got back to their work. as it was around 2 in the afternoon then, we were really tired as the sun had spared us no mercy. but we went out with a smile that day because we were proud to have actually taken a step towards improving a cause we believed in!!

we managed to kill two birds at one time. (not exactly the phrase i am looking for in the current context ๐Ÿ˜› ). because we helped our college and our city as well as left our mark in a place we love so much!!!

i hope this isn’t the last time we make an effort to do something good and also hope that a lot of people also help us in keeping our respective cities clean. ๐Ÿ™‚


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