my experiments with photoshop

munnar :)

i know its not very good, but it makes me feel proud. at least i finally learnt to make photoshop collages. photoshop was all latin to me earlier. but while working on a group project i realized that learning to use it was essential. there were a few of us who stood dumb when it came to computers and a few were totally computer smart. though we could collaborate our ideas, they still had the upper hand. so i came home and started working on a collage. and after a million years or so (it was probably just a couple of hours) i came up with this!!!

you might think that it was a waste of my two hours, but at least i took the initiative 🙂 🙂

oh and the place you see in the collage is munnar, kerala, india. it’s beauty goes beyonds one’s imagination!! a small yet popular hill station known for its tea plantations. the clear streams, the cold air, the foggy mountains and the humble life out there knocks out your breath for a moment!!!!


2 thoughts on “my experiments with photoshop

    1. well, if google counts as a guide then yeah i did learn through a guide. i started out by myself and every time i got stuck i would search google for a way out.!!
      and thanks for stopping by at my blog 🙂

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