the most romantic ones :)

i was in a pretty romantic mood some time ago. and i decided to make my own ‘best romantic movies’ list. and after putting myself through the tedious (:P) task of watching the following movies, i have decided that these are simply amazing. you may not understand a few of the movie names or the languages that they are made in but please look into the story, get a version with subtitles and watch it!! there is a reason why i put these here.!!

  1. letters to juliet
  2. a lot like love
  3. sweet home alabama
  4. maid in manhattan
  5. 27 dresses
  6. 50 first dates
  7. a walk to remember
  8. 10 things i hate about you
  9. Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya
  10. jab we met
  11. shakespeare in love
  12. love aaj kal
  13. someone like you
  14. amrithadhare

also these are the movies which i couldn’t watch but their trailers looked pretty interesting. so watch them and let me know what you think of them:

  1. the next best thing
  2. then she found me
  3. new york minute
  4. the rebound
  5. the holiday
  6. the ugly truth
  7. the break up
  8. bounty hunter
  9. wedding crashers

i will keep updating this list, as and when i feel like it. especially to bring in more regional movies which are really good but do not get the credit they deserve.

[ also the movies aren’t necessarily in that order. i just put them in the list when i remembered them]


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