project ME

i have been pondering over the question ‘who am i really??’ lately. trying to place myself and deciding what kind of a person i am is not easy. but yet i have been analyzing myself, part by part, looking at myself from different angles. and then i learnt this:
i talk too much.
i am very sensitive.
i am lazy and slow.
i am confused about my career.
i am fat.
i am alone, but not lonely.
i love to write.
i love to read.
i love watching movies.
i love analyzing everything under the sun.
i am considerate.
i make a conscious effort to improve myself.
i am dedicated to any project i undertake out of my own interest.
i am not half-bad a dancer.
i am NOT a singer πŸ˜€ .
though i do not feel hurt by other people’s opinions about me, somewhere deep inside it does prick.
i cannot keep a secret.
i love my blog.
i want to be a writer and a practising C.A.
i can put a little more effort into everything i do.

i don’t even know why i am writing all this but i do know self realization has become very important to me. i want to organize my life, so that i can do everything more efiiciently. i have seen improvement in myself and though i am changing at a snail’s pace .. i am definitely moving towards being a person i can actually be satisfied with.

it’s like i have undertaken my own project. i.e, i have undertaken a project to improve myself. and the first leg of identifying and accepting, both the good and the bad in me, is over.


2 thoughts on “project ME

  1. Hello, R!
    How nice of you to stop by my blog and ask questions about writing. I have no claim to being a pro, in spite of journalism work, but in terms of ficiton & memoir, am still working on both.

    In case you don’t get back to my place for answers to the questions you pose, I’m answering them here.
    And please stop by anytime. Sounds like you are ready to take up the pen!

    Ah, such good questions you posed, because they are “real” questions.
    When I don’t have a deadline, I create my own. When writing for “fun,” but also for purpose (working on a book), I set interim deadlines. Today, for example, I need to write 1,000 words. tomorrow, the same. Each will be a short story (of sorts). i think it helps to know what you’re going to write, even if you don’t know how it’s going to go in the process of getting those words on paper.

    When I get stuck, I shift to writing something else, a different story or a different chapter. I get out of the muck of wherever I’m stuck and strike out in another direction.

    I feel better when I accomplish my own writing than when I’m writing as a journalist!!!! And that spurs me on, as well.

    Funny thing, I have the most difficult time coming up with what to write when I’m writing something in my journal. It ends up being more of a what-I-did-today or what-I-saw-today kind of thing. But that’s ok. The journal is for freewriting absolutely, with no particular goal or purpose.

    1. thanks a lot for the help.!! πŸ™‚ actually i am sort of working on a book, but i haven’t gotten beyond the first page in three months. i don’t know if i am too young to write a novel or if i am just having writer’s block (which i dont think is the case, because i write other things just fine) but i’ll try setting deadlines. sounds like a good idea πŸ™‚ thanks again for your help. i’ll let you know what happens. πŸ™‚

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