a walk down spooky lane!!

i packed my books, said bye to my friend and left her house. as i looked at the street, i realized that it was a beautiful sunday evening. the weather was perfect, the skies were blue and there was a slight breeze blowing through my hair. in fact-i was in such a good mood that i left my hair and just stood there; taking in the fresh air for a moment. then i decided to walk home as it wasn’t a day to travel in a rickshaw!! i started walking home, and i couldn’t help feeling cheery. i was listening to my ipod, walking at a brisk pace and getting quite a few glances from the passers-by :P. i was really proud of myself for actually having studied and i was totally powered to give my career a serious thought and a definite shape. i was thinking about this very blog, humming michael jackson’s song when i entered the lane. i usually took a shortcut to my house whenever i walked home from this friend’s house. but little did i realize that i usually walked sometime in the morning. this time it was nearing 7 in the evening and it was twilight. suddenly i became aware of the shadows around me, the stray dogs walking around and the eerie silence of the neighborhood.  i clutched my ipod in my hand and kept walking, praying that i reach home soon. the road suddenly stretched out to eternity and all sorts of thoughts about rape, molestation, murder, theft started floating around in my head. i could hear my great grand mom telling me that girls shouldn’t walk alone after dark. i was scared that the dogs would come chasing after me and bite me. i was scared that i wouldn’t reach home, that i would be kidnapped and that i was being followed that very minute. the one street-light flickering in the dark somehow scared me more and i quickened my pace. suddenly i saw a shadow in front of me and i stopped! but it turned out to be a squirrel. i started wondering where i could buy pepper spray and then i started praying that i would live long enough to buy pepper spray!! but turns out God didn’t make the road any longer than it already was. it finally came to an end and as i turned round the corner, i saw the bright lights of the shops, streetlights and vehicles all around me. so much for shortcuts!! i was so glad to be on my road. no one could harm me here- this was MY ADDA!!!! i thanked God for letting me live and i walked up to my home.

i guess we can all be paranoid sometimes and though we girls pretend to be strong, confident, independent and all that- we aren’t really. we still plan our weddings when are 5 and we are still afraid of the dark. we need a man around us in times like these, just to give us the idea of being protected. though one part of me wanted to (and still wants to) slap the other part of me for thinking such things and demeaning women, the other part of me argued that admitting we need support sometimes doesn’t make us any less of a feminist. the argument is still going on in my mind and i don’t think i can come up with a good enough answer. but for now, i am just glad to be back home, drinking water from my favorite sipper bottle and to be looking at my favorite computer screen 🙂


3 thoughts on “a walk down spooky lane!!

  1. Hey…hit your blog at random..I was actually going to give it a miss but stopped by for little more than I expected for 2 main reasons
    a. This blog post
    b. your fascination towards to Delhi

    I like the way this post is presented. I can’t say I can relate to it but, I understand it’s tough being a woman.

    I had written something which encompasses both a. & b. up there, thought u might want to take a look


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