63 posts, 200 tags, 931 hits and 80 comments later..

these may not seem like big numbers but through each of these numbers i have learnt something, experienced something, shared something and gained something. today is the first day of the second half of my first blog year. yes, i started my blog 6 months ago and when i see it today its completely different. its almost like i’m completely different. i have grown with this project through every new thing that i have taken my blog through. be it the ‘let your blog snow’ thing, or postaweek2011, or crossing 100 hits :). my first comment, my first header. i have seen so many firsts here that the memories are cosmic. i love my blog and i can’t wait for my first blogoversary.!!!

these are the things that i have learnt from other bloggers and through the experience of blogging myself:

  1. try not to leave links to your blog in every other blog you comment on. it gives a sort of desperate look. just give a genuine comment and i’m sure the author will come back to you.
  2. but if you are mentioning another author in your post let that author know, and THERE leave a link to your post.
  3. try and reply to all the comments on your blog and even if you have nothing to say at least say ‘thanks for reading my blog.’
  4. make your captions interesting enough so that people are intrigued and want to read the rest of the post.
  5. try including pictures in your posts because visual aids are always better.
  6. be honest and be true to yourself- which means don’t copy someone else’s posts.
  7. join postaweek2011 or postaday2011– it will help you to blog more regularly.
  8. keep reading freshly pressed. it opens you up to more ideas.
  9. a few other interesting things you could include are: polls, interviews, to-do lists (this is one of them btw πŸ˜› ), book & movie reviews etc.
  10. publicize your blog on facebook or twitter or some other site.

i hope i don’t sound like a 6-month old know-it-all, but its just that i have loved wordpress for the past 6 months and i am dying to share my experiences. after months of going through other people’s tips on blogging/writing, i finally feel like a part of something and i want to show-off a bit too!!

so happy blogging guys!! and let me know how long you have been blogging and your experiences all through it.




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