the human touch.

i was using a calculator to study accounts when i decided to take a break. so i switched on my computer and started browsing through the internet. i was clarifying a friend’s doubts by texting her some answers and i was also texting my mom, asking if i need to finish any chores for her. i kept my phone down for a minute to lift my camera, remove the battery and connect it to the charger and then i continued texting. i then went into the kitchen to finish the chores. i switched on the tv and watched some cartoons while i did the chores. then i went to my terrace to water my plants and i picked up my iriver on the way and i listened to music while i watered the plants. then i turned to my laptop and logged into wordpress for a couple of minutes.

in less than 20 minutes i employed 6 different gadgets and now i have a slight headache!! its true. whatever is said about our generation and our comfortable lives is true. i have been arguing with a lot of people, trying to defend my generation and explain that we aren’t loosing the human touch. or our sense of humanity. we are not loners, we also socialize.

but today i realized that we only socialize through facebook and every other thing we do is also with the help of some sort of gadget. the only human contact i have had today is with mymaid, when i smiled at her and the only human voice i heard is her’s when she said ‘bartini rashmi’ (i’m leaving rashmi). what have we become? we work online, we spend our freetime online and while we are waiting for things to buffer we watch tv or text or listen to our ipods. what kind of a world are we living in? what kind of a world have we built for ourselves???


5 thoughts on “the human touch.

  1. It’s so true..most of us virtually live our lives online. I live almost all my day online, largely coz of my profession.

    However, I make sure I interact with parents, have breakfast and dinner thoda relief.

    .No FB or WP an ever replace a human being..I dun remember the TV commercial…it has an old man..he says hamare zamane mein batey facebook pe nahi face-face hoti thi..tht sums it up

  2. I love the tips, even if I’ve read it on so many other blogs that have suggested several of the same things. However one of the points was interesting and I never thought of having the decency to leave a comment to the author you may be recommending or quoting. Excellent tip!
    Thanks for the tips keep up the great advice!
    All the best

    ☮ & ♥


    1. i know they’ve been said a million times before, but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be said again.. 🙂
      (i totally get your point but i was waiting to say that somewhere 😀 😀 )

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