saat khoon maaf

produced by:- Ronnie Screwvala, Vishal Bharadwaj

directed by:- Vishal Bharadwaj

story by:- Ruskin Bond

cast:- Priyanka Chopra and

  1. Neil Nitin Mukesh
  2. John Abraham
  3. Irrfan Khan
  4. Aleksandr Dyachenko
  5. Annu Kapoor
  6. Naseeruddin Shah

and Vivan Shah.

a classic Bharadwaj with a touch of Ruskin Bond!! this is the story of a woman who chooses the wrong love-seven times!! the movie starts of with the death of Susanna and then travels back to her early life. the protagonist is a young boy whom Susanna saves from getting beat up – a boy who falls in love with her. “woh meri devi thi.. main unki pooja karta tha….” the movie is successful in showing us how because of Susanna’s disturbed childhood she tries over and over again to find love-but remains unsuccessful. for the first husband who took pleasure in beating everyone up and had a temper problem she wasn’t entirely sure what to do- but she instinctively kills him. from then on she slowly musters courage to murder each and every one of her husbands every time she has a problem with them. the second husband was a drug addict and was cheating on her. the third was too violent in bed, the fourth had another wife and the fifth she only married because he knew about the other murders and was blackmailing her into sleeping with him. the sixth one tried to kill her for her money and the seventh one is a mystery. i’m not going to spoil the movie for you by telling you who it is. but its a creepy tale ( as intended ) of 45 disastrous years of a women’s life. she tries everything out of depression caused by the sadness of her life. right from wooing the young boy who is in love with her to trying to commit suicide. a well executed tale which truly gives you the creeps!! and a surprise entry by Konkona Sen Sharma though she doesnt have to do much in the movie. Susanna’s faithful aids also play a comical role in the movie (by comical i mean creepily comical) as they help her to murder and get rid of each husband. towards the end they even start to enjoy it and they even tell one of the husbands how and why they killed all the husbands and they laugh about it as if they were amused by all their murders.


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