A Letter To My Future Children!

ok, so i got a little sentimental and i started thinking about my future and i was hoping to be as good a mom to my kids as my mom is to me. so i thought of writing them a letter from a version of their mom who connects with them. i thought of this after reading this article. i don’t know if this blog will exist by the time my kids are my age ( i sure hope it does) but i hope they find it and read it.

dear future children,

i recently read an article where this woman wrote a letter to her past self. that prompted me to write a letter to you. i don’t know how many of you i have, but i do know that i love all of you. because if i know at the age of 17 that i want to have a precious little child some time in the future then i know that i will love you with all my heart when you come around. oh wait! you’re already there aren’t you? ok so anyway, i know that i may not be the best mom in the world but i hope you know that i try. i know that i am high maintenance. and if that has any side effect on you i am really sorry. i hope i don’t fight with your dad too much (if he is still around)i probably won’t be able to tell you all this face to face because of the generation gap that we might have developed but in case you want to tell me anything you can. i was a teenager once (i write this as a teenager) and i am sure i will be able to understand whatever you are going through. just give me a try, it may take time but i want to be your friend and i will work on it. at 17 all i want from life is to have a small and happy family, to have a successful career and to enjoy my life. i want to be C.A. (well not exactly but i’ll tell you about that some other time) but i am doing my C.A. and i also want to be a writer. if, when you read this letter i am not writing either part-time or full time then please show me this blog and pester me to start writing again. i hope you can speak fluent konkani, because that is very important to me. i hope i have told you enough about your culture, your tradition and your country. if i haven’t, please kick me and google all this, because it is very important. i hope you guys aren’t too fat and i at least hope you exercise properly because if you don’t you will end up like me. i am saying this because i am pretty sure that i would have gained a lot of weight by the time you read this and that is solely because i am lazy. at 17 i almost never exercise, i don’t study regularly (but my marks are pretty good), i spend a lot of time online, i hate cooking (and right now i plan on making your dad cook-i really hope that works!!) and i love watching movies!! i was pretty much a dork in primary school, high school was a little better but i was still a huge tell tale. i p.u. i was accepted and loved and i had a great bunch of friends!! my best friends were/are Sujatha Nayak, Shubha Kamath and Deepika Vasani. i hope, i really really hope that i have kept in touch with them because they mean the world to me!!

another person who means a lot to me is your aunt Swati Kamath (mhavu or whatever you call her) if you do not love her kids the way i love her i will kill you!!!!!!! oh-also i love maggi and i consider it an integral part of my life and i hope that continues!! as long as i am still in love with your dad, i write and watch movies regularly i have no other expectations from my future self. i hope you don’t hate me and i really hope that we can be friends!! 🙂


your mom

Rashmi Kamath


9 thoughts on “A Letter To My Future Children!

  1. wah… u will be a good mom. and i hope i will be so too 🙂
    I agree with u about dont be too fatty, and i want my children dont like me (fat). 😦 coz i already have a big body. not sexy. not at all. and its not pretty and beauty 😦 btw, im also lazy 😀
    its so nice post. i like it 🙂

  2. awww… that is the sweetest letter ever… a damn good idea to write it too… a time capsule sort of thing… you should have perhaps put in a pic of your 17 yr old self… man, you have got me thinking… whats going to happen to us by that time? can you imagine who and how we will be?

    1. that is such a scary concept!! i just hope we are as close as we are today. no more expectations!! 🙂 and i figured that if they find the blog, there will be pics of me on the blog anyway. so i didn’t put in a picture.

      1. i know… but it is bound to happen.. and we are going to be as close as we are now… that is just how we have been brought up…. our moms and our uncle have been live examples of it… so no matter what, how much ever we might fight, we are still related by blood… n blood, my dear, is thicker than water!!

  3. Just preserve this piece of writing.. Being a good mother is not easy… we may find fault with our mothers.. and when it is our turn we find ourselves doing and saying the same things…
    Keep on writing, dear…

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