My Dream

I had a dream last night and it went like this:

I do not know exactly where it began but I remember something about this older man. I think I reached the place with him and then I ran away from him. For some reason I seemed to be scared of him. Then suddenly I was in this tiny, dark lane and I could see the door of a house there. But somehow that scared me too. I hid behind some bushes and waited. For a minute I didn’t know what I was waiting for. But then I looked down and realized that I was completely naked. Tears fell from my eyes and I felt completely helpless. The door opened and two girls came out. They were about my age and were looking at me curiously. Of course, I was covered by the bushes so they couldn’t see anything. For a minute I forgot about my nudity and just looked at them. Their clothes, their jewelry, their hair and the street-all looked so different. They looked as if they were from another era. I had seen all of this somewhere. But I couldn’t recall where.

Then an old man stepped out and realizing my condition he whistled (not at me but as if he were calling someone or thing) and right on cue the man I came with, appeared and he held out this thin blanket for me to wrap myself in. then I turned around, wrapped in my blanket and started going forward trying to figure out where I was. After walking for a while, I felt the roads were getting wider and there was something very majestic about it. And then, I heard the elephants. I could hear elephants roaring (or whatever sound they make) furiously. I followed the sound and I found myself in front of this huge palace/temple (I can’t remember exactly) I entered the palace (lets just assume it was a palace) and I found myself in this tiny room. It seemed as though the elephants had calmed down, but I knew they were close by because I could hear them panting. And then this boy came in. he was tall, about my age and had really dark eyes. He only wore a lungi around his waist. He was sweating like a pig and was also panting. He glared at me and we both stood there unsure of what to do next.

Then he came closer and closer and all of a sudden I felt he may not have the best of intentions. When we were face to face, I was ready to scream and make a run for it. But instead he said, “kutiko”. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t understand him. “kutiko”, he repeated. I started crying again and made small whimpering noises. I guess that annoyed him because he screamed “kutiko!!” now. This woman came running in and started talking to him in their language. As they spoke, I realized that I could understand bits and pieces of what they were saying. And then it hit me! They were speaking in kannada. Some sort of ancient kannada at least. He was saying “kutko”. He was asking me to sit down. I laughed out of relief and I told him that I could understand what he was saying. After giving me a sloppy grin he asked me to follow him. The woman-his mother- went out of the door she had come in through.

After walking down a long passage we entered a room full of women. They seemed to be gossiping about something really interesting because they stopped when they saw us. He told them something in kannada which I couldn’t quite follow and then he left. Unsure of what I was supposed to do I just sat in the corner. They smiled and gave me a small bundle. I opened it and realized that they were clothes. But, they had given me a saree and I had no idea who to drape myself in one. When I told them this, they laughed and helped me with it. As they continued their animated talk I realized that I had seen all this somewhere. They were all dressed like those two girls I had seen earlier. And then it hit me.

I was in the medieval times. I had somehow traveled back in time and reached here. I walked around the room carefully looking at the pillars, the door, the windows etc. it amazed me that I was actually standing with my ancestors. Then they all ushered me through yet another passage and i found myself in this huge hall. One portion was partitioned off, and upon looking at that area closely, I realized that that was the kitchen and we were all sitting in the dining area. Suddenly I felt some heat on my back and when I turned around I saw the elephants!!! They were right behind me-just a couple of feet away!! I shrieked and everyone burst out laughing. The boy came back and introduced me to the elephants. He explained that they were his pets. Pets!! Can you imagine?? Two gigantic elephants, living in his pantry!! I then sat down next to him and we had a sumptuous meal.

That’s all I can remember. But it felt really good. Oh and if anyone wants to interpret it-feel free to. 🙂


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