Happiness Engineers?

i have been on wordpress for over 6 months now and i have begun to understand the craziness of technology bit by bit. but the one thing i still haven’t understood is the term “happiness engineers”. it is a very cute term and i would love to be called one, because it makes your work sound so much more light and happy (:P) but i still dont know what that means. i have googled and checked all the wp forums like crazy but all i can find is people discussing if it is a professional enough name or if it is good enough or if they would like to be called happiness engineers. and then i tried finding these people but to no9 avail. ok well, i found a couple of them, i just didn’t think it was appropriate to ask them what they do on their private blogs. so can someone please tell me,

  • what does happiness engineering mean?
  • what do they do?
  • what is their job description?
  • who coined the term ‘happiness engineer’?
  • how did the term come into existence?
  • how many happiness engineers are there in wordpress?
  • is this post unique to wordpress/automattic or do people in different companies have happiness engineers?

6 thoughts on “Happiness Engineers?

  1. – It means that you and everyone else that uses WordPress.com are THE most important thing to us. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our entire job is about listening to you and making sure you are happy here.

    – Here’s a summary description (see http://automattic.com/jobs/):

    Our software and services are far from perfect, and when things go wrong people arenโ€™t shy about contacting us asking for help. We consider the support side of the user experience to be vitally important because itโ€™s the person who interacts with our customers most and makes the biggest impression in their time of need. In fact everyone who joins Automattic, regardless of position, does support for 3 weeks. The customers range from the everyday blogger to VIPs like CNN, Flickr, and People Magazine. The job requires:

    Patience and grace.
    Excellent writing skills.
    Working knowledge of WordPress, HTML, and CSS.
    Let us know about your natural-language fluency and your coding chops.

    Matt coined the term.

    – There are approximately 10 of us at the present time.

    1. oh.. thats very interesting. and you replied very fast too!! its good to know that there is someone looking out for people like me and my queries will be heard!! ๐Ÿ™‚
      wordpress makes me happy.. so thanks for making me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
      and is there any specific place where we can post our queries or do we just post it on our blogs hoping that someone will answer????

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