Things I Like About WordPress :)

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The Hovercards:

every time someone comments on my blog or likes one of my posts i do not have to go to their gravatar page, i just have to hover over their profile images. they save time and they are awfully cute.

The Themes:

ever since i started blogging on wordpress, i have changed my theme so many times that i have lost track. the main reason for this is that there are so many different themes to choose from!! almost every month or so, i have been able to give my blog a new look and it’s even better with the theme showcase. it tells me everything i need to know and its pretty easy to follow.

Freshly Pressed:

every time i feel a little low and i need a little inspiration, i always know where to find it. because freshly pressed always has a wide collection of topics to browse from. everything from humor to news and photography to cooking comes up there. and at times when you do not know what you want to read about.. it’s the best thing.!!  being a featured on freshly pressed will be a dream for me and maybe some day it will come true. 🙂


postaweek2011 has really helped me in being a better blogger and a better writer. (i think-i do not know how other people see it.) there are so many new ideas on their home page that it just gets my creative juices flowing. and the fact that you are committing to posting regularly itself makes you a better writer. i do not know why or how, but i have seen that in the past two months.

Happiness Engineers:

like i mentioned in an earlier post, it amazes me that there are people who work, every single day just to make us happy!! they say that our being happy is of utmost importance to them. happiness engineers add an entirely new dimension to customer care 🙂

on their support page, they have something called ‘hugs‘- which are basically feedbacks from people who liked wordpress. they display that on a separate page. i still haven’t figured how to give them a hug, but i guess i’ll find out soon.

Learn WordPress:

i learnt that i could change the background and header only when i was 5 months into wordpress. 1 month after that i learnt that there is a guide to understanding and using wordpress. in 10 easy steps you learn everything that you need to know about wordpress. its got small activities fitted in here and there and is a completely fun ride!! (which i haven’t finished yet)

Matt Mullenweg:

the creator/entrepreneur/founder of wordpress and automattic. he is one person i really look up to. i love reading his blogs, and his essays are always thought triggering and he is an excellent speaker. he founded wordpress when he was just 19 years old. he was just a year older than i am right now, when he thought of something big. i have been watching the videos of his interviews posted online and he is one of those people who manage to explain technical mumbo-jumbo in simple english. and that is one of the best things about matt mullenweg.

The People:

and the absolute best part of wordpress is the people you get to meet here. i have met so many new people who’s thoughts are very much like mine, who can understand and appreciate what i say and whom i can understand and appreciate. there are other people who are not so much like me, but their words are so well thought out that its just a pleasure reading. so many different people, with so many different things to share, that it just makes you happy to be part of such a big family-an ever growing community.


2 thoughts on “Things I Like About WordPress :)

  1. I guess you missed the part where they give out the total engine to be hosted on a personal server free of cost, which I believe is the best of Automattic.

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