a birthday wish..

ten teenagers were sitting on a table in a coffee house. although everyone else was either talking quietly or watching the other’s talk, two people seemed to be yelling at each other. well, the girl was yelling at the boy and the boy was just trying to get a word in. as the girl kept yelling at the boy, the waiter came over and kept a cake in the middle of the table. the girl didn’t give it too much importance and continued yelling. then – she stopped. she looked at cake and saw ‘happy 17th’ written on it. she looked up at the guy and he gave her a big grin. they all yelled ‘surprise’!!!!!!!! she then felt completely stupid for yelling at the guy who had bought her a cake. after laughing it off, everyone asked her to make a wish and blow the candles. she looked at the candle and her mind went back to the previous day. she was arguing with the same guy and this time, he was telling her that he wouldn’t wish her on her birthday. she kept telling him that there was no way that he could resist wishing her. he walked away after saying, “lets see.” at 12 o’clock one of her best friends called her up. it was exactly 12.01 when she called.

she asked, “was he the first one to wish you?”

the girl replied, “no.”

“aww.. too bad, that would ave been cute!!” said the friend.

“knock it off!! he doesn’t know i like him.”

“and i still can’t figure out why.” said the friend with a smirk that the girl could here over the phone.

that morning, as she was surrounded by her friends, this guy walked up to her.

he smiled. she smiled back.

he started talking about normal stuff, and she replied innocently.

he lasted 6 minutes. and then he said, “ok! ok! i can’t take it anymore!!”

“happy birthday!!! “

the girl then said, “hah! i knew it!!”

he gave her one of his infamous grins and said, “yeah yeah.. whatever”

all her girlfriends started “awwwing” silently from behind. she gave them a murderous glance and turned away. he was very sweet that day. he didn’t argue much, he let her win every argument they inevitably had. and he smiled – a lot. almost everyone had asked her if they were dating. so many of them had come up to her and told her that it was just cute the way they kept arguing all the time.

she looked at the candle.

should i wish for him? almost everyone thinks its going to happen. and it would be incredibly nice if we were dating.

he smacked the back of her head and said, “you know, you only have 24 hours to celebrate.”

she looked at the candle again, closed her eyes and wished…

i wish that i do well in my board exams this year, and i am successful in choosing the right career for myself.

a month after that, he told her that he had been crushing on another girl for the past 6 months. she smiled, thankful that she had wished for something that could actually happen.

love is never dependable. people might tell you that it will work out/everything will be fine/ he will ask you out.. but it doesn’t have to happen. if you are lucky, it will. but most of us out there aren’t. so concentrate on everything else in life – your family, friends, studies, hobbies, blogs – everything else. love will come and go on its own. don’t spend your time fretting over it. i know today, that not telling him was a very good step. had i listened to everyone else i would have lost a very good friend. today, i no longer feel any of those things. but i have a reliable friend. so what are you going to do?? blindly believe that you will have your own fairy tale or take control of your emotions and ensure that you don’t end up getting hurt?


7 thoughts on “a birthday wish..

  1. Sad but true. There’s a lot to be said for developing yourself before seeking to develop relationships. There’s only one person you can always rely on, that’s why meeting somebody who doesn’t let you down (usually, at least) feels so good.

  2. This is a cute post. And although we know we are the controllers of our own destiny– not blowing the candle on a cake.

  3. It’s hard to accept that some of the things we want for ourselves may not be the best for us in the long run. When I was 17, I had the worst crush on a fellow. I though the sun rose and set on him. He wasn’t a bad guy but he wasn’t the guy for me. It was sad when I realized I couldn’t have him but I’m so glad for that now. My husband is my true love and my sould mate as trite as that sounds. It just might have been nice to know the future when I was a lovesick young woman. LOL.

  4. is this about what i think it is?
    and i cant tell you what a refreshing change this is to hear… you are a much smarter and stable person than anyone else who claims to be!!

  5. i said it before and i am saying it again!.. CUTE! but not believing that u don’t like the person whom you once thought was ur life is a little hard thing to do,atleast for some people.. and as stated by you we should ensure that we aren’t hurt in the end? my question to you is, how can one do that? 😦

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