I wish I hadn’t read her diary

my life was great. but then i read her diary.

i live with my parents and my sister. i am really close to my parents – not so much to my sister. school is great, my friends are too. i have the perfect balance of fun and diligence in my life. nothing more that i could ask for. i was on the phone today when my sister came home.

“are you getting off the phone any time soon?”, she asked.

“not really.”

“obviously! the baby will have her way then. see you later.”

and an added ‘maybe never’ under her breath.

that was when i decided that that was it. i couldn’t take any more of her nonsense. i waited till she left the house to go to her friend’s place. i got into her room. i don’t know what i expected to find there but i knew i had to get in there. she had shut me out all my life. i hadn’t even been in her room so far. the one time i did she screamed the house down. my parents were very upset with her, but then they always are. and they never do anything about it. i opened drawers, cabinets, wardrobes and then i found it. her diary.

i couldn’t find a better place to start. i read a random page. it was about some guy she liked. ‘i could use that against her’, i thought. i flipped the pages some more. and then –

” today she broke the swing. the huge 3 seater in our backyard. how can one person manage to break something that huge??? i had told mom and dad from the very first day that this was a bad idea. i told them that i didn’t want a sibling. they knew that i couldn’t accept a complete stranger as my sister. but the minute they looked into her eyes, they just knew she had to come home. they knew they had to give her a better life. well, i hope they feel happy about doing some charity, but i still can’t accept a maid servant’s child as my sister. just because that female was a pregnant teenager and ran off the second she was born didn’t mean we had to take her in. i mean, i saw her mother clean my toilet. and now she is supposed to be my sister. no i can’t accept that.”

i really wish i hadn’t read her diary.

Inspiration Monday


9 thoughts on “I wish I hadn’t read her diary

  1. I didn’t know how serious this post was– so I didn’t comment on it when I first read it. Did you make this up yourself?

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