Bleed Blue!!

what a match!! 30th march saw one of the most mind-boggling matches in the history of Indo-Pak matches. i mean, i hate cricket – but i still watched it. it was like watching a movie which kept on the edge of my seat. except that this was completely real!! every person who was a somebody landed up in Mohali and every news channel focussed on Mohali. the team preparations, the pitch preparation, the anticipation, the fear, the hype – was simply wow!! though i initially felt that the media had blown it out of proportion when i actually watched the match i realized that it was all worth it. the prime ministers came down to watch the match! what more do you expect??? how much bigger can it get?? and not only was it a great match it was also a sign of co-operation between the two nations who have had a bloody history in the past. i am of course referring to the prime minister sitting side by side and clapping encouragingly all through out.

even though we started out well, we lost a lot of wickets in between and managed to make an over-all score of 260-9. Yuvraj’s wicket was a complete waste but the poor guy bowled pretty well. when we had finished batting almost everyone expected defeat. but then our fielding and bowling was crazy!! the last wicket was the best one!!

and when we won – omg!! you should have seen the streets – there were people roaming around in bikes with the Indian flag, people screaming and hooting and what not!! we could see fire-works every where!! EVERY WHERE!! its like the idea of patriotism has changed today. i have never felt more in sync with my country than i felt last night. i know it sounds weird -but its true!! there were barely any people on the streets after two. any place without a t.v. was closed down.  for the first time in my life, no one fought for the remote!! i doubt even the India-Sri Lanka will be this important. but i still hope we win!! 😛 😛


2 thoughts on “Bleed Blue!!

  1. Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyy…you’re so right…everyone went crazy as Virat took the last catch. Kids in our apartments were running all over the campus and shouting Indiaaaa Indiaaaa..crackers were heard loud and clear, for those 5-10 minutes it was like a Diwali day.

    Huge win but the trophy is what which matters the most, hoping for the best.

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