A Tiny Plea On New Year

Fourth of April 2011, hindu’s all over the world were celebrating ugadi. Ugadi is the new year according to the lunar calender. It is called Ugadi mostly in the South India and in other places of India it is also known as Gudi Padwa. we had arranged for a small pooja – the usual lighting of the diya, the offering of food to God (naivedhyam) and the final aarthi. in my house too we were following the same ritual. the house was set, we were all ready, the food was ready, the aarthi had begun when – the doorbell rang. my grand father asked me to answer the door. when i opened the door, there was this tiny and meek lady, dressed in a sari holding a box in one hand and a couple of papers in the other. naturally i assumed that she was a saleswoman and was about to shut the door when she thrust a peice of paper in my hand. the paper stated that this girl was deaf and dumb and had completed her tenth standard with great difficulty from the nearby St.Mary’s Missionary School. but she had no more money to study further, but she desperately wanted to do so. it was authorized by a signature and by a seal. i was kind of speechless. sad and happy at the same time. sad, because of her condition and happy, because she actually took the effort to study and ensure she kept studying. by then my grand father came over, read the paper and gave me Rs.21. i realized i had to write my name and the amount on the piece of paper. i asked her for a pen(in sign language of course) and she told me that she didn’t have one. i went inside and fetched a pen wrote down my name and amount and gave it back to her. she asked me if she could have the pen. i gave it to her. she smiled and went to the house next door.

i went back in, folded my hands and closed my eyes. i prayed to God and asked him to bless that girl for taking the effort and to ensure she gets a proper education. i also prayed that He eases her miseries and hoped that she would at least have a good year ahead of her. πŸ™‚ from then on, i have been thankful to God for giving me every part of my body. Are you?


9 thoughts on “A Tiny Plea On New Year

      1. Thanks for clarifying – My development team were off celebrating New Year last Friday in Kolkata. Hope they had a good time and a belated Happy New Year to you.

        It’s good to think of the misfortunes of others before we complain about our lot in life – I found your story heartwarming.

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