produced by : Vashu Bhagnani

directed by : Remo D’Souza

starring : Jackky BhagnaniPuja GuptaRitesh Deshmukh and Arshad Warsi

initially i thought that this would be a movie for youngsters which the older generation wouldn’t understand or like. but my dad liked it, i liked it and turns out everyone else liked it too!!

it is based on three teenagers who don’t do very well in their boards and don’t get into any colleges. and as they don’t want to get fried by their parents they make a fake college. they think of it all – a fake name, a fake admission letter, a fake website, a fake ad in the paper, a fake premises(an old abandoned bulding which they polish), a fake principal and even fake students. but unfortunately the students turn out to be real. people very much like them who have no where else to go because of their low grades. they finally decide to keep the college open because none of them can go anywhere else. its a story of how poeple who are rejected by the world, come together, find themselves and prove to the world that they too can achieve a lot!!

this movie was not only touching but it was also fun and very real. it showed me that we do not have to follow the rules set by society. we can make our own rules and our own lives!! we can think out of the box and choose any career we want to. even though we have developed so much in matters of education and career opportunities, we are still compelled to go by the norms of society. a change in  our lifestyles and our thinking is very much needed and this movie proves it very well. not to mention the dance and the speech in the climax. that dance was probably one of Remo’s best work to date!! the songs too are a fresh change from what we have been hearing for the past few months this year. acting – well not that impressive. of course Arshad Warsi and Riteish Deshmukh were good and Jackky Bhagnani was not bad. but it is the movie as a whole that blows your mind. a great directorial debut by Remo and one you should definitely not miss!!


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