i used to be someone else.

i was the lead singer in a band. we were three guys and two girls. we had two female singers and just me as a male singer. so i held auditions for another male singer. after a very disappointing audition we were all set to leave when she entered. she wanted to audition for us. i told her we didn’t need another female singer. she asked for one chance. one of the girls asked me to give her a chance. so we all sat down again and she started her song. i do not know at what point i stopped listening to the song. all i could see – was her. we let her into the band and i let her into my life. she was the best thing that happened to me. sometimes we just stay up late in the night composing songs together, or we go to the beach and just stare at the sky. we often play basketball together and every morning she makes coffee for us. even when we are practicing, sometimes we just look at each other and smile. i think i used to be someone else before, but i just can’t remember my life before her now.

i was always free like a butterfly. i would go from place to place with my guitar singing to my heart’s pleasure. this one day i was walking by a small hall and i saw the poster of this really cool band. i thought i would play with them for a while and then get on with my life. i got into the band and i also got into a relationship with the lead singer. he is a very passionate person and likes to spend all of his time with me. i do not remember the last moment i had to myself. he is always around me. i stay up late into the night writing songs, hoping he will go to sleep. but he doesn’t. we often play basketball and i have to let him win or else he gets really cranky. i am always pressed under his thumb and i am struggling to get out. i even have to make coffee for him every morning. and i hate it. i used to be someone else before and i want to be that person again.

inspiration monday


9 thoughts on “i used to be someone else.

  1. This is really very good. It is not often that a writer is able to so accurately portray the viewpoints of two so disparate characters, and from each one of their view points of the same situation, no less. I am very impressed…and by my own free admission…just the teensiest bit jealous!

    Keep up the good work!

    marantha jenelle
    marantha’s memories, mumblings and meanderings
    here on wordpress

  2. Fantastic take! It’s amazing how for one character, you’ve written a love story, and for the other, it’s a prison.
    Great work. I’m sorry I missed it last week! I’m updating InMon with the link now.

  3. Wow. The way you changed the point of view. Unbelievable how it changed everything. I really like this. It emphasized how important POV is.
    Great writing. I can’t wait to see more of your stuff!

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