my top 5

a while ago i was cleaning out my dashboard. you know – links, widgets,polls etc. and when i was going through my links i realized that there are so many good blogs out there with so many good writers. and these are my favorite 5 blogs.!!

  • Kristen Lamb:

what i love about her is her advice on writing. i mean yeah, thats what the whole blog is based on, but the way she does it just inspires me somehow. it has actually helped me in a lot of places and she puts her thoughts in very simple words and the beauty of that is amazing!!

The Good Old Days

  • Ferzine Imtiaz:

completely different from the first blog. this one makes you wonder after every post. a wonderful meaning hidden behind those heavy words. it may be a little intense, but thats exactly what i love to read.


this guy i love!! he is funny, and smart ans successful and a great writer!! his contact form actually says other forms of communication, including psychic signals and carrier pigeons seem to be less reliable, so stick to the above methods just to be safe.

Matt 2.2

  • Swati Kamath:

this is sheer genius. i mean, the concept is simple enough, its usually nothing out of the ordinary. but, the way she puts her thoughts into words is just wow!! that is some very powerful writing!!

Virtual Nature 

what i love about this blog if the originality. his ideas, thoughts, articles etc are so intriguing. he has this 51 minute lecture on his website (and i hate online videos that are very long) but i still watched it because i didn’t feel like closing that window!!

how to be a free thinker


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