what makes a post tick??

when i log in to wordpress and look at all the articles on freshly pressed my cursor automatically jumps to one of the articles. without even thinking or reading the titles i choose which article i would like to read first. all of them have pictures and i don’t even read the titles.. so what is it that makes posts tick?? how do people choose one post over the other? which part of our mind (conscious or subconscious) decides what looks better and needs to be read first?

is it the title? (but i don’t read the titles) is it the visual aids? is it the colours? or is it the space it occupies on the page? (top left corner, mid-left, mid right, bottom right corner, etc) seriously.. what is it????


6 thoughts on “what makes a post tick??

  1. For me I think the photos capture my attention. Good ones and bad ones, then I read the titles. I’ve noticed when someone gets Freshly Pressed they often search for better photos and I often see thy have eventually changed them the next time I visit Freshly Pressed.

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