the day I learnt to swing.. :)

every time we went to a park i used to insist on sitting on the swing. and as i was really tiny my dad used to push me. and i used to love it!! the sensation of the wind blowing through my hair is something i will never forget. and then one day i went to the park not with my dad, but with my cousin and my uncle. my cousin being older than me made a beeline to the swing. i looked at my uncle wondering whether he would push me or not. he asked me why i wasn’t sitting on the swing. and i told him that i didn’t know how to swing. he laughed and put me on the swing. he told me to do just what my cousin was doing. i looked at her and she seemed to be flying through the air. it didn’t seem possible. i looked at him again. he told me to move my feet forward and backwards. i tried and nothing happened. for the nest 5 minutes or so both of them kept telling me what to do and what not to do.

‘ don’t keep your feet on the ground!’

‘don’t move your entire body! just your legs!’

‘don’t leave the chain!’

‘lean backwards!’

just when i was about to put swinging off as an impossibly difficult task, my legs suddenly took flight andΒ i was in the air. i looked behind me to see if someone had pushed me. no one had. just as i began to realize that i had done it, i looked in front and came crashing into the ground!! they both lifted me and wiped the dust off my face. they must have thought that i would want to go home after that. but that split second i had in the air was miraculous. i had never experienced anything like that before. i got back on the swing and tried again. it worked.!!! and from that day till now whenever i see a swing, i jump on it and soar… up, up and away…

p.s. – i suddenly remembered this when i was sitting on a swing just the othe

r day. some other time i will tell you how i learnt to swim. which the same two people taught me πŸ™‚

also this is my 100th post!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “the day I learnt to swing.. :)

  1. yay!! congo!!

    well well well.. arent yo glad we taught you all those things?? hehe.. nice to go back into the past and reminisce about it!! πŸ™‚

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