just my rambling thoughts

my cpt economics text says, while discussing if economics is an art or a science, that science teaches us to know and art teaches us to do. science is theoretical, whereas art is practical. i find that so ironical because most of us associate science with practicality and arts with theory. the main reason i am even doing my c.a. is because i am supposed to be good with practicals. and yet i find the above sentence to be true because c.a. being more of a science than an art is very theoretical. so what put it into people’s minds that science and commerce is more practical than art? is it because of the existence of maths in science and commerce? or is it that most people are not familiar with the subjects in arts and hence find it to be complete theory? physics, chemistry, biology and electronics we know to be theoretical. yes, they do have practical problems but that does not make a subject practical. it is the essence of the subject that counts. for example, statistics. we count that as a practical subject because we only have practical problems in p.u.c and we can score a full 100 in our exams. but the essence of statistics is to keep records, to measure, to compare, to analyse and to communicate required information for the prediction of future trends and making of decisions. isn’t that pure theory now? computation of the matter is mere clerical work. similarly – accountancy. accountancy being divided into book-keeping, accounting and accountancy, is part science and part art. book keeping is again of a clerical grade. accounting, though of a slightly higher level, still counts as computation of the matter. and accountancy by itself is purely analytical – which again is theory. business studies/commerce is also a theory subject and economics no doubt is theory. subjects like psychology, sociology and journalism on the other hand, (as far as i know) concentrate on studying the subject in college which might come across as theory, but out there, in the real world, these subjects serve more as practical. they deal more with doing than thinking. but yet, our disorganized minds associate science and commerce with practicality and arts with theory. that just goes to prove what Kabir (i think) said..

“jo dikhta hai, woh hai nahin. aur jo hai wo dikhta nahin.”

(what seems to be there, isn’t really there. and what is there, doesn’t seem to be.) – its a rough translation.


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