just read. :)

This is my first post with distraction free writing!! and I must say i absolutely love it!! That, in addition to the writing helper makes WordPress a great way to blog. And obviously, I want to get featured on freshly pressed; so I left everything I was doing, and started racking my brains for a topic to write about. Since I couldn’t come up with anything I started looking at what other people had written. I came across this interesting post, read two lines of it, liked it and left the page. I then realized that I hadn’t read a single post completely for a very long time. All I ever did was skim through the page, like the post if there were nice pictures in it and occasionally leave a ‘really liked your blog’ comment so that the person would come back and read my blog. Basically, I was networking. I had stopped actually reading the posts. The only reason I even visit other blogs now, is so that they come back and read mine. Whats the fun in that now? Even the just write article by Jane Wells I simply skimmed through and the only reason I knew that there was a possibility of getting featured on freshly pressed was because it was written in bold letters.

For my own blog I have a lot planned. Two huge things coming up in August and in November. And other small plans along the way. When I do so much for my own blog and hope that others take an effort in reading what I write, why shouldn’t I read their posts too?? By the way, I just switched to full screen mode, and I am right now in blogging heaven!! For a moment I wondered where it had all gone, but then I realized that I was on distraction free!! πŸ™‚ anyway, I have stopped reading freshly pressed and postaweek2011, and now that I realize it, I feel completely horrible. 😦 Someone once told me in a comment, thatΒ some great reading can and will inspire one to do some good writing. and that is so true!! There are so many interesting blogs, with interesting posts, written by interesting people in wordpress. And every new post that I readΒ expands my horizons – more each day. Starting from today, I will read every post that I click on. I hope you do too.

So, in addition to just write, now more than ever – just read πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “just read. :)

  1. I do that, too. Just skim. There are a few blogs that I may read in their entirety, but they are usually about things that I am really interested in.

  2. Point taken. I wish I’d just find time to visit other blogs…and I wish I were good a skimming. Actually, if you are good at skimming, you must be a very efficient person:) Whenever I visit a blog, I spend half my blogging time there…
    I enjoyed your post thoroughly. Wishing you the best for the contest.
    Warm Regards,

  3. Articulate.. very nice πŸ™‚ Came here through Ajay’s blog. Keep it up, good work. I too believe good writing comes from good reading. That mantra won’t change, ever.

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