a new life.. and perhaps a new beginning!! :)

i sort of began a new life today. i started a ten day crash course for my upcoming cpt exam and i am also beginning college soon. imagine!! college – me!! it doesn’t feel like i am big enough to go to college. but, apparently i am. 🙂 for a long time i was scared about this new life that i was going to enter. i knew this was going to be less fun and more hard work. i knew i would have to seriously study for the next 4 to 5 years (by which time i hope to finish my C.A.) and i knew that i would have to cut back on a lot of things that i love. right up to today morning, i was scared. but – i loved it!! i freaking loved it!! Cpt students are the types who study seriously; who work at a fast pace and who don’t need to be taught things step by step. we are known to have a pretty good I.Q. and it felt so good to be in a class full of people just like me. in fact, at some points of the lecture i actually felt quite dumb compared to the other students!! i know its weird that i like being dumb, but its just such a refreshing change!! also the topics were really interesting and i didn’t even realize how the time flew by. it was a four hour lecture and i listened for more than three hours!! the last part i didn’t listen to because i was hungry 😛 i can’t think when i’m hungry or sleepy or if i have to pee 😛 (no, seriously – i can’t) and yeah, there will be some cutbacks, but i think they will be worth it. instead of those things i have new things in my life now. it feels very good to be taken seriously, to be treated as more than a kid – to be treated as a responsible person. (hey – maybe i am growing up!! :P) God!! i am really obsessed with smilies!! and exclamatory marks!! 😛 but more on that later. its just that – for the past two months or so i was feeling a bit down – i was in a funk maybe. and it seems like all those depressing feelings have been washed off with last night’s rain. i like what i am doing right now and i hope i am able to maintain this and to be able to strike a balance between all the things i want to do. i still have to figure my life out, but for now – i know that i am happy with the direction that it is taking. and i am super excited to start college. i have no idea what its going to be like. i don’t know what to wear, what to take, whether or not to take my phone along, etc etc. but like i said – i’m yet to figure all that out. but like every year the monsoon has again lifted my spirits and i hope that this time i am able to keep it that way 🙂


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