The Right Mix.


I recently read an article which said that the literary skill of this generation is almost nil. It said that the development of technology has hampered the traditional ways of expression and that its very difficult to find people who will sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and jot down some thoughts. That article kind of shocked me. I mean, I consider myself a budding writer and hopefully someday a published one. But all I ever do is post articles on my blog and of course the occasional article in my college magazine. for almost a year now i have only used my computer to write because with MSWord i do not need to do a manual spell check and i can always get help when i can’t remember certain words. but yeah, i can no longer be called a traditional writer and upto now i had thought that this was for the best. but now, i’m not so sure. also – bloggers. who are bloggers? are we writers or photographers or publishers or normal people who just have something to say? bloggers don’t really have a separate status like writers, musicians, artists etc. we are just a group of people thrown in together, who’s only common interest is probably voicing their opinions. for those of us who are writers – well, like i said, we aren’t traditional writers and we aren’t exactly the most compatible with technology either. so what are we?? the ‘in-betweens’??? is there any such thing as the right mix between traditional and modern writers? though i believe (and hope) there is, i have to admit that the so called ‘writer’s block’ is more apparent now and we do have a lot of distractions on our computers, which do not give us much space to concentrate on our work. so what is this is new breed of writers who fall into both categories of being traditional and modern? who love and hate the new technology? who have a lot more ideas but sometimes don’t have the time? the right mix? what is that?


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