Murder 2

produced by : Mukesh Bhatt

directed by : Mohit Suri

story by : Mahesh Bhatt

screenplay by : Shagufta Rafique

Starring : Emraan Hashimi, Jaqueline Fernandis, Prashant Narayanan

when the daughter of a French diplomat goes missing, the entire police force of Goa work on the case hoping to find her alive and soon. But no one thinks anything of the 11 Indian girls who have already gone missing. No one but ex-cop Arjun Bhagwat. For his own personal reasons which are still unclear to me he tries to find this serial killer and he does. only, he has political influence and a known politician will be coming to bail him out the next morning. so unless Arjun Bhagwat can find evidence against his killer in one night, he is going to walk away and probably continue to kill..

I found the story-line both interesting and idiotic. Interesting because of the way the killer and the cops are portrayed (taking into consideration their pasts and detailing all the characters very well) and idiotic because the plot is once again a typical hindi movie masala plot which is very predictable where the hero has supernatural powers to beat up the villain even though he is shot and bleeding. from the very beginning the mentality of the killer is explained in a very delicate manner. he seems to hate women and loves to see a women being tortured. his insanity rises to such a height that after repeatedly locking his wife in a tiny cage he finally makes himself impotent. every time he kills a woman he dresses up as one and records the screams of every woman. the killer actually holds the whole movie together because he, unlike the male and female leads, keeps you guessing. all through the movie the destructive path of the killer is shown, where every person coming into contact with him, does not feel very normal after.

in the beginning i liked the way the characters and pasts of the leads were portrayed, the chemistry and sexual tension they shared, their gloominess and all. but as the movie went on it felt like they were just not getting past that. they were constantly stuck in the same position trying to relate their sad lives to that of the audience (which they failed to do). i don’t even know what Jacqueline Fernandis was doing in the movie, because the movie would have gone on just fine without her. and i expected more from Emraan Hashmi, and i thought that he would have more to offer and a good explanation to his ridiculous hairstyle.

but what kept the movie going was the screenplay. witty dialogues which delivered on time and went hand in hand with the music. the movie was able to maintain that eeriness mainly through the behavior of the killer. it got a little weird towards the end as the movie dabbled in the napunsak way of life and what seemed to be a bit of black magic thrown in too. (but i’m not very sure about that) a lot of aspects of the movie were left hanging and a lot of questions were left unanswered. but yet, its not that bad a movie and its actually pretty watchable.


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