just my rambling thoughts – 2

here’s part 1.

ok, so this may be partly influenced by the princess diaries – but only partly!! for some time now i have noticed that when i am sitting in class, or going home, or watching a movie, i have some interesting idea on which i could write a blog post. but by the time i come home and get to my computer i often forget what it is. so i have been carrying a little book around in order to write down these small little ideas i have. but unfortunately, these little ideas turned out to be really ‘little’. meaning, i can’t make individual posts out of these, because they would turn out like this. so i am combining everything i’ve written down so far into one blog post.(which might end up being a little long, so please bear with me)

people πŸ™‚

isn’t it weird how distinct two people can be? what could be interesting to one person could easily bore another and the way two people would react to a situation is usually different. every now and then such different people are thrown together and a beautiful experience is generated or a strong relationship is established. i find it really exciting when i meet a new person and we talk about our tastes and preferences, our lives, our passions and so many other things. it feels so good to find out why people act in certain ways and what makes them who they are, to get into their heads and to understand the way they think. the discussions we often have that are practically never-ending, the stories we share, the jokes we crack, the memories, the laughter – it’s so wonderful to remember that you had at least one profound moment with so many people in your past and enthralling to know that its going to keep happening with more people in the future who will give you so much to learn from.

but yet, so often we look for that one person who is like us, who thinks like us, who laugh like us and more importantly – that one person who understands us. all these people around us, who we have memories with, but sometimes fail to understand us, may not be the person we are looking for, but they are here, they love us and are trying their level best to understand us. so smile, and be thankful for all the people in your life. πŸ™‚

Running Away

i have been running away from this issue for a very long time but today it just hit me in my face and i didn’t have a choice but to face it. our education system completely sucks!! all everyone cares about anymore is getting marks in some meaningless exam. even lecturers only a want a good pass percentage for their classes. they are not capable of answering our questions if it is slightly out of the syllabus. today a fellow classmate asked my lecturer why we were studying what we were and she asked him to shut up. it was a valid question. what is the use of studying this particular thing? shouldn’t all of us be able to answer that particular question? but we are asked to shut up because it doesn’t fall into our syllabus. and people say students `do not ask questions. memorizing is more important than understanding and attendance is more important than learning. i can no longer run away from the fact that we live in an unreal world where the quality of everything is deteriorating.


i walk in a crowd, with a huge group of friends, but i feel alone. even among friends there are tiny groups, i have mine too, but the truth is – i am alone. i listen to everyone , to all their stories, their laughter but somewhere inside there is this yearning for someone else, for something else, for someone to understand what i feel. i see people look into each other’s eyes and just understand. i want that!! i’m not talking about love, i’m talking about something else. there is this closeness that i cannot feel, a happiness that i am missing. i feel stupid sometimes for being around my friends, for saying certain things, i feel like i don’t belong.Β i feel left out, i guess. sometime ago, i thought i had that person who understood me, but i was wrong. that feeling was inside me for a very short time and then it faded away. and now i know what i am missing. and i don’t like it..


4 thoughts on “just my rambling thoughts – 2

  1. Try me πŸ™‚ That is what I wanted to say when I read the last paragraph. What a co-incidence…I’ve been wanting to put up a post with random thoughts like this in my blogger blog. We just might be like-minded. πŸ™‚

  2. may be there are a lot of people like you rashmi,but they just may not know how to express it in words like you have framed! And i would like you to brief me on the last post,ALONE .. may be because i feel very much the same or may be because i do not want you to feel like that anymore and want you to know that there are a lot of people… πŸ™‚

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