produced by : Reliance Entertainment

directed by : Rohith Shetty

story by : Hari

starring : Ajay Devgan, Prakash Raj, Kajal Aggarwal

when i first heard that ajay devgan was starring in a Suriya remake, i didn’t expect much. but this movie  – blew my mind off!!!! i can’t say that this is better than the tamil version but it definitely matches up to the standards they have set. this usual good-cop-trying-to-rectify-the-political-system-story line actually worked for me. i have to admit that ajay devgn had style. every time he fake-bashed the heroes, he did it with such style that it became a little believable. the script was good and their comic timing was almost perfect. even the serious dialogues were placed and delivered properly. story was obviously not very individual. music was so-so. the title track didn’t really work for me and some of the other songs weren’t that bad.the heroine – a first timer, i assume – was good. not that she had much to do in the movie, but whatever little she did – it was good. she didn’t look small in front of Ajay Devgn (like i had expected). the villain – ah! well.. he is the perfect villain for me!!! Prakash Raj didn’t leave a single hole in his performance. it was perfect – as usual. its just a pleasure seeing him on screen. the action sequences were done well. i loved the way they showed the trauma that he undergoes – a guy from a small village entering a huge city and finding himself getting lost in the crowd. well, you will have to watch the movie to understand that. but it is very watchable – its basically your average hindi masala movie – but it has been done well. Rohith Shetty knows what he is doing, and the unfaltering  duo of Ajay Devgn and Rohith Shetty worked again!!


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