Yet another guest post from another one of my best friends, this one being a die-hard Salman Khan fan (no wonder she chose to review this movie!!) Known to be spontaneous, unpredictable, creative, super smart and i’m also pretty sure she ate an encyclopedia when she was small, this friend of mine doesn’t have a blog yet, but after reading this review, if you feel that this one needs to create a blog ASAP, then please let her know.


BODYGUARD – By Sujatha Nayak Sujir

Produced by – Reliance Entertainment

Directed by – Siddique

Starring – Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor

Music – Himesh Reshammiya

It couldn’t get any better for a Salman Khan fan like me!! 😀 A bag of popcorn, a large Pepsi, and a rom-com to go with it on a rainy afternoon. Like I said, it couldn’t get any better! J J Salman Khan – romancing his lady love and fighting the gundas for her – basically doing what he is best at! Blush! 😀 Kareena Kapoor – The damsel in distress and some amazingly good songs – a perfect combination for a Bollywood blockbuster! (No surprises when it became the highest opening day grosser ever!)

Lovely Singh (Sallu Bhai), son of Balwant Singh, is indebted to Sartaj Rana (Raj Babbar) for saving his mother when she was expecting and hence gets on the mission to save Divya Rana (Kareena Kapoor), Mr. Rana’s daughter from the local goons. But Divya is not very happy with the idea of a bodyguard following her around college, invading her privacy! (Even entering the wash room accidentally! :P) So after frequent and failed attempts to get rid of Lovely, Divya and her best friend Maya (Hazel Keech) prank call him with the name Chaya. Poor Lovely Singh, being a hopeless romantic at heart falls for the prank and coincidentally Divya starts falling for Lovely, knowing that they can’t have a future together. Sartaj Rana suspecting a romance brewing between the two of them sends his men after Lovely Singh! Just in time, Divya sends her “BFF” to Lovely to reveal her true identity! What happens next? Well.. you need to watch the movie to find out!

Salman Khan- The Bodyguard, the boy-next-door, the average Indian male doing more than average (rather extraordinary!) stunts. So many different shades of Mr.Commitment in a 3 hour flick! Kareena Kapoor looks stunning throughout the movie – a true fashionista! Hazel Keech, the debutante has a perfectly sound screen presence despite two other superstars sharing screen space with her! One character in the movie one can’t miss is Tsunami Singh – a little on the healthier side and hilarious – Tsunami is way too adorable!! Although Himesh Reshammiya has composed the music for this movie, guest composer Pritam takes home all the accolades for his romantic number ‘I Love You! (At least a goofy smile lightens up my face every single time I listen to it!)

Another one of Salman Khan’s Eid releases seems to have struck the chord with the general masses ofIndia! Although I have to admit that the storyline is wafer-thin, true SK fans will love this movie!! I wouldn’t mind falling into trouble if I had a Lovely Singh by my side… What about you??


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