Produced by: Gauri Khan

Directed by: Anubhav Sinha


Music by: Vishal-Shekhar


The story follows the life of Shekhar Subramanium, who creates a game where the villain can never be killed just to please his son. But all hell breaks loose when a character from the game – Ra.one – comes alive in the real world. He is in pursuit of  Subramanium’s son – Pratheek – who had left the game half-played and wishes to finish him off. As Pratheek is helpless against such a huge monster, he gets the hero – G.one – out of the game to help him. But G.one’s survival chances against Ra.one is 0.01%. Will he survive or will he be killed by Ra.one taking the boy along with him?

The story line as it is, is very simple, basic and uninteresting. The whole cast had to add a lot more so that the story line wouldn’t be noticed, but it was. This movie is basically for kids – anyone below the age of 15. It pretty much follows Krish except with better effects. Direction was impeccable and the director manages to keep you interested in the movie. Performance wise, I would Shahrukh Khan was as usual – outstanding and delivered very well. Suprisingly so did Arman Varma – the child actor. He had a major part in the movie and he maintained to hold himself and match up to Shahrukh Khan’s level. Arjun Rampal, was an outstanding villain, with that menacing look of his livening the screen up just when you were starting to get bored. But he was brought into the movie very late and half the time, you just kept wondering, ‘where is Arjun Rampal?’ Kareena Kapoor on the other hand, was just in the movie to look pretty, though she did do something mildly useful and interesting in the second half. But the movie would have gone on just fine, even if she hadn’t been there. She is just there to look pretty and doesn’t in anyway fit into the role of a South-Indian housewife. Its a total let down from her performance in Bodyguard. Its basically a one time watch. Its got perfectly timed dialogues, just a touch of humour, great sound and visual effects and believable action sequences. But since the story isn’t much, it wouldn’t hold my attention for the second time. SRK did everything else perfectly in his movie, he just neglected the script. Also, you never really understand just how the characters got out of the game. The music is a typical Vishal-Shekhar album and you love the bollywood feel to it. I really loved the song ‘Raftaarein’ and it would have been much better if they had put Arjun Rampal in the song instead of SRK. Akon‘s two songs have also been received well by the audiences and Ganesh Hegde also did justice to the songs. So basically, its a fun movie ( better watched in 2D ). And the excitement created by the hype goes down when you watch it. I wouldn’t say it was a ‘oh my god!! it was amazing’ kind of a movie, it’s more of a ‘its good’ kind of a movie.


8 thoughts on “Ra.One

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  2. I was amazed to see that NDTV gave it a two and a half star rating. Maybe because its marketing left a negative impact on the audience and we starting expecting something to OMG us, which Ra.One may not have succeeded in.

    I haven’t watched Ra.one yet. Waiting for a DVD print to release.

    I never knew it was produced by Gauri Khan. I read a couple of news where they said the relation between SRK and Gauri was having a rough time because of the intimacy between Priyanka and SRK. Do you have any update on that?

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