7aum Arivu

Produced by: Udhayanidhi Stalin

Directed by: A. R. Murugadoss

Starring:  Suriya, Shruti Haasan

Music by: Harris Jayaraj

The movie follows the life of a Arvind, who works in a circus. His life takes an interesting turn when he meets Subha, a genetic engineering student, and falls in love with her. He coincidentally meets her in several places and the two soon become friends. Just when he is about to admit to her that he is in love with her, he finds out that their meeting so often hadn’t been a string of coincidences but a planned strategy by Subha. The angered Arvind goes to her to find out why she had been playing with his heart, when he finds out that she had other, more important reasons to meet him. Though reluctant in the beginning, he eventually decides to help her out. The movie then spirals out into a world threatening plot which can only be stopped by Arvind and Subha.

Though it doesn’t sound like much, the plot is quiet interesting. I haven’t disclosed much because it takes away the fun in watching the movie. It is a typical A. R. Muragadoss plot which is detailed, lengthy and yet – believable. The story-telling manages to engage the audience all through the movie and moves smoothly from one scene to the other. Suriya was fabulous. The transition that he showed from the character of Arvind to Bodha Dharman was clear and well-defined. The way he is agitated and restless as Arvind and calm and collected as Bodha Dharman is close to perfect. And after a long time I’ve seen an Indian movie where the actress actually had a pivotal role and wasn’t just kept in the movie to look pretty (but she does look ravishing!). Shruti Hassan played the role of a researcher impeccably. That slight part where she seems to be distracted because of her love interest is done well and does take over the rest of the movie. Most of the movie concentrates on the main plot and seldom gets side-tracked by the ongoing love story between the lead pair.

The music wasn’t very good and sounded like it had been pieced together from different songs. The action sequences too went on for longer than needed. It tends to be irritating when the lead is engaged in fighting when you are really eager to know how the story is going to unfold. They haven’t been done very well either and in today’s day and age of advanced visual effects they are quite disappointing. All in all, it is an innovative concept and you can’t help but be interested in knowing what is exactly happening. The second half does tend to drag just a bit but that is pretty much ignorable.

Verdict: I wouldn’t mind watching it again!


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