Looking out of the window: Its good to be back!

She wondered why she was late for class on the very first day. It seemed to be a trend for her. She ran through the halls hoping she would be let in. Thankfully she was! She sat in her seat breathless from all that running and suddenly there was a huge rush of wind. She turned around and saw – the window!! Of course! How could she forget her beloved window? Which overlooked the school grounds. She saw it all as if through new eyes – the birds, the trees, the little boys, the city… ah!!! She had missed that sight. She watched as some of the boys sat under the trees, some others walked around in two’s and three’s, while the remaining few fought the heat and played football. The wind was a great respite from the heat for all of them – inside and outside the classroom. She smiled and imagined having a small old fashioned picnic on the grounds. Wow! She really had missed looking out of the window! 🙂


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