And yet another year goes by :)

On every 31st December when the year comes to full stop all of us wonder what we will miss about the year that is hours away from being history. Last night, I too wondered what I would miss of this year. Certainly not the initial tension of board exams with which I started this year or the part where I missed my summer vacation to study for C.P.T., maybe the part where I got my marks and found out that I had scored well and most definitely my 18th birthday which was totally amazing! But the one thing I would miss more than anything is that innocence and childishness that I can feel is slowly creeping out of my life.

I was made aware of this fact when around two days ago I was talking to my cousin sister about life in general and I realized that our talks were based more on career, life, studies, family, etc. Where did all the times go when we would talk about playing hide and seek, eating maggi, going to the park? All our lives we have both been students, we have had regular summer, dusshera and christmas vacations. We have had exams in March and October and we always went back toย school/college at the end of our vacations. This time when we finish our end-semester exams one of us may not be in college anymore; one of us may start working; one of us may go abroad to study. The next time we plan a family vacation not only our parents but also my cousin will have to take leave from work. It is the simple course of life and yet the fact that this was the last year of life as we have known it, seemed to freak me out. I cried when she turned 20 and hopefully I will handle 21 in a better manner. But all I am trying to say is that we are actually growing up and on the next 31st December life may not work in the same manner as it does today.

I have been told that even though things change, we will still remain the same silly sisters who would fight over choosing snakes and ladders or ludo! Last night when she left to go back home ( we will in two different towns; she was here on vacation) I couldn’t exactly explain why I wasn’t letting her go and why a person like me – who hates hugs – initiated the good-bye-hug. But all I really wanted to say then was, ‘no matter how things work out or where we are a year from now, you will always be my inspiration and I will always be here to support you whenever you need me. In short, I love you akka!’

Here’s hoping that we all have a wonderful 2012!



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